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Tsvetelina Thompson

Mrs. Tsvetelina Thompson is the voice of and an advocate for
the victims of human trafficking, focusing primarily on women
forced into sex slavery. Tsvetelina works both locally and
internationally using her personal and tangible involvement
with human trafficking.

As a survivor of sex trafficking she has leveraged her experience
and knowledge to help law enforcement; civic organizations;
and trafficking victims.
Tsvetelina is an American Citizen and Dutch subject of Bulgarian
descent who first started helping sexually enslaved women in
the world‐famous Amsterdam Red Light District (De Wallen).
While living in the Netherlands, she engaged closely with
victimized girls, from multiple countries who spoke a myriad of

Through her work, Tsvetelina has traveled internationally and
lived in several countries. While in Europe, she facilitated the
human trafficking training program for the Dutch Royal
Gendarmerie. Tsvetelina was also instrumental in providing
instruction and exercises to the military police (Koninklijke
Marechaussee) and the regional police (Regiokorpsen) on how
to attend to the needs of enslaved victims of prostitution.
In 2019 her organization created the Twentyfour‐Seven Anti‐
Trafficking QR Code®. The Twentyfour‐Seven Anti‐Trafficking
QR code® process is registered with the United States Trademark
and Patent Office to provide victims with information about their
rights regardless of language and location. The code also gives
victims and citizenry the ability to report potential human trafficking.
The Anti‐Trafficking QR code can provide new tools and more
information to law enforcement regarding reporting and
identifying possible human trafficking cases. The Twentyfour‐
Seven Anti‐Trafficking QR Code® has been proven effective
through reports made in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Tsvetelina lives in the United States, where she is available as a
consultant for local authorities and organizations. Tsvetelina
also maintains an international presence through her
membership with International Human Trafficking Task Force,
based out of the United Kingdom.

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