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Katherine Welch M.D.

Dr. Katherine Welch, an American physician, has been serving oppressed, trafficked, and exploited people since 2000. After spending 19 years in Asia she is currently based in Berlin, Germany. In 2011 Dr. Welch founded RELENTLESS and travels globally as a consultant to counter-trafficking assistance programs in developing a more robust and trauma-informed health component to their interventions. She equips health care professionals to leverage their skills in the fight against slavery. Dr. Welch also provides mental and physical health consultations to those who are suffering from physical and mental health consequences due to chronic trauma. 

Dr. Welch has served as a member of the International Organization for Migration/UNGIFT expert panel on health which produced the document “Caring for Trafficked Persons, Guidance for Health Providers”. She serves on the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) Commission on Human Trafficking; and is the Medical Director for Global Health Promise.