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Jane Lasonder


Jane is an international speaker and author. She wrote a book (Red Alert) about human trafficking to raise awareness of this terrible crime. She decided to start this task force after hearing stories from victims and survivors and of their experiences in hospitals and health care settings where the signs of human trafficking were missed. She did some research and felt concerned that most medical schools don't teach their students how to spot the signs of slavery or what to do if they suspect someone is a victim.
She also found out that most schools and universities don't teach their students awareness of human trafficking and slavery and the dangers of grooming.

Jane has trained as a first responder for the Salvation Army where she worked with potential victims of slavery and assessed them via a NRM (national referral mechanism) system from the home office.

Jane wants to be a voice for those without a voice and has spoken in numerous settings about the issue of human trafficking, for example in the European parliament and the Romanian parliament. She was also part of a task force discussion group which was held in the Dutch parliament led by Gert-Jan Segers, a Dutch politician with a heart and passion to fight against the injustice of trafficking and slavery.

Jane also does events with a sand artist from the Netherlands (Gert van der Vijver)
Through story telling, music and sand art she wants to open peoples eyes to the world of slavery, poverty and despair. The aim is to motivate people to step out and be a voice for the voiceless and hands and feet to help others and to show them there is always hope.

Jane is ambassador for the organisation Compassion Uk and the Netherlands and an advisor for the Israeli organisation Aviv Ministry. She also works together with the organisation Serve the City.