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Dov Bikas

Dov is a pastor and the CEO of Aviv Ministry Israel. He was born in Lithuania and immigrated to Israel with his parents as a child. He was in the Israeli army and when he left married his wife Olga and became a pastor. Together they founded Aviv Ministry.

The Aviv Ministry was founded in 2005 in South Tel-Aviv. Aviv Minisry is a Christian ministry and it helps street addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes. It cares for their basic needs like food and clothes and shelter. It also helps with spiritual needs and counselling, and helps restore families.

In 2020 Aviv opened a Shelter for women and their children in crisis (e.g. domestic violence, prostitution, human trafficking and extreme financial difficulties). The Shelter’s goal is to supply the women’s basic needs, while at the same time helping them get spiritual, psychological and legal support. The goal is for them to overcome the crisis and find the way out of it into a healthy and independent social and spiritual life and safe and stable situation for them and their children.