European parliament 2020

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In December 2020 Professor Alison Fiander and Jane Lasonder were invited to the national prayer breakfast at the European parliament. We were also invited to be on a panel and speak in the parliament about human trafficking and moderen day slavery. John Cotton Richmond (US ambassador at Large for the department of State, Andreas Glueck (a member of the European parliament and a surgeon in Germany), and Phil Lane (the director of Oasis Belgian, an organisation that works with victims of slavery and trafficking) were also on the panel.

It was an honour to speak on this panel to members of the European Parliament. We had a question and answer time at the end and we got a standing ovation which was an amazing moment.

This was another step in raising awareness of human trafficking and giving our views on what needs to be done. It was really good to be able to talk to policy makers on human trafficking from different countries.
After this panel discussion Jane was invited to talk with a member of the European parliament from the Bundestag in Berlin to give her views and input on new policies that the German government is working on.